Italian Beginners & Improvers

Did you enjoy the beginners’ Italian course? Would you like to consolidate and develop what you learnt? Or did you miss the beginners' course and want to start Italian from scratch? If either of these applies, the Italian Improvers/Beginners is the course for you.
Start Date Wed 22 Apr 2020
Weeks 8
Time19:00 - 21:00
CampusAireville Campus


The course is aimed at students who have completed the beginners' course, or already have some understanding of the language.

The course will cover such things as talking about oneself, age, marital status, address, family members and friends. Being able to elicit information and answer successfully. Describing family members and friends, introducing new vocab such as big, tall, small, short, features etc. Talking about where one lives, type of home, describing the home - how many rooms, garden, garden, garage etc. Discuss jobs and professions, where we work, hours of work and for how long in that profession etc. To be able to use the future tense successfully, talk about events in the future - holidays and future aspirations.

All this, for students to be able to communicate effectively when in Italy and fronted with an Italian speaker.

Equipment Info

The course will also incorporate fun learning such as role-plays, games and dialogues - and other exercises all needed to aide language learning and to make the classes enjoyable.