Italian – Getting to Know People – Junior

Thinking about a holiday to Italy and want your child to have some knowledge of the language? Do you want your child to discover the joy of learning another language?
Start Date Sat 25 Apr 2020
Days 1
Time10:00 - 12:00
CampusAireville Campus


This short course will last 2 hours and it is aimed at children from 10 – 15 years. It is aimed at absolute beginners as well as those who have a little knowledge.

This course will engage with the Italian language in a fun way, by learning ‘how to get to know each other’ and gain confidence in practising their new language skills.

The course will be all about getting to know each other in a fun and engaging way, talking about themselves and family, and shopping through activities, vocab, games, drawing and songs.

Equipment Info

The course will also incorporate fun learning such as role-plays, games, songs, drawing of family tree finger puppets and dialogues -  and other exercises family flashcards and food flashcards all needed to aide language learning and to make the classes enjoyable.

Students are asked to bring photos of their family so that they can talk and identify family members and draw them on their family tree.