Designing & Managing an Allotment

Make sure you grow the cream of the crop. This follow-on course develops the skills you learned in Growing Vegetables and Fruit. You will learn how to plan the layout of your allotment, produce a timetable of activities to make the most of your plot and work towards a wildlife and ecological system for managing your site.
Start Date Wed 27 Nov 2019
Days 3
Time09:30 - 15:30


You will analyse a given site, plan where all the crops are to go, design the shapes and orientation of the beds and consider all the various peripheral elements of a successful allotment. You will leave the course with a plan/design ready to put into practice in your own plot.

This course will entail a basic approach to planning and will use rough drawing and creative drafting techniques to plan the layout of the allotment.

A full timetable will be provided in the first session.


Horticulture RHS Level 2