French Beginners & Improvers

Did you enjoy the beginners’ French course? Would you like to consolidate and develop what you learnt? Or did you miss the beginners' course last year and want to start French from scratch? If either of these applies, the French Beginners and improvers course is for you.
Start Date Tue 22 Jan 2019
Weeks 10
Time19:30 - 21:00


Beginners and improvers courses are designed to teach you all the basics of the language and help you to become more confident in using languages in everyday situations. Suitable for those with no and some language skills.

The course builds on the holiday topics from the beginner’s course, but in more depth and with a greater range of vocabulary. There will be an additional topic on personal information to help you start to have more personal conversations with native French speakers. An introduction to simple grammar will be included if this is of interest to you. If you are starting as a true beginner, you will cover the holiday topics, such as checking in at a hotel, ordering food and drink or hiring a car at a more basic level.

With Brexit on the horizon, it is now more important than ever to be able to speak a language other than English. French is not only spoken in France but also in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Quebec in Canada and many African countries, including the holiday destinations of Morocco and Tunisia.