French – Intermediate Stage 2

Do you want to be able to understand more than the menu when you go to France? If so French Intermediate is the course for you.
Start Date Tue 21 Jan 2020
Weeks 10
Time17:45 - 19:15


Aimed at students who have at least one year of French or have completed French Intermediate Stage 1. You will develop and expand your French language skills through watching French YouTube clips and TV, practising longer conversations with each other about present, past and future experiences, reading French magazine articles and websites and writing e mails or blog entries in French. Although the emphasis will remain communication, you will tackle more key grammatical concepts such as the tenses. As you progress, you will gain further insight into both the culture of France and other French-speaking countries.

With Brexit, it is now more important than ever to be able to speak a language other than English fluently. French is not only spoken in France, but also in Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec in Canada and many African countries, including the holiday destinations of Morocco and Tunisia.