Horticulture – Practical Level 1

Do you fancy a career in horticulture? Or do you want to develop the skills to tend to your greenhouse, vegetable patch or window boxes? This course is suitable for complete beginners and those who have some gardening experience.
Start Date Tue 3 Mar 2020
Weeks 9
Time09:30 - 17:00
CampusThe Orb, Knaresborough
Fee£400 * Exam Fee: £86


This practical hands-on course will cover general gardening topics: at the end of each input session you will complete the relevant knowledge questions with the help of your tutor to then be awarded with the Level 1 qualification at the end of the course.

You will enjoy a flexible approach, tailored to suit your needs, working at your own pace.


Examples of the units are as follows:

  • Cultivating Land By Single Digging
  • Identifying Soil Type & pH, Managing pH levels, Applying Fertiliser
  • Preparing Ground For Sowing Or Planting, Sowing Seed Outdoors
  • Planting Container Grown Plants. Planting Bulbs. Preparing Soil & Adding A Mulch
  • Preparing & Planting A Hanging Basket & A Container
  • Setting Up & Sowing Seed Indoors, Propagating Plants From Cuttings
  • Potting Up Rooted Cuttings, Planting A Container
  • Maintaining Tools


* Fee remission available on this course, click here for further information