Planning for Planting

Many gardeners, beginners and experienced alike, don’t manage to combine their plants into a coherent whole so that their gardens look their absolute best. This one-day workshop will take you beyond individual plants seen in isolation, and into the world of plant communities and stunning combinations to bring your garden to life.
Start Date Wed 29 Apr 2020
Days 3
Time09:30 - 15:30


You will encounter the basic principles of planting design, including how to make a successful mixed border, the herbaceous border, the wild garden, and even making a low-maintenance garden look the part. You will be given a border to design, so that you can put some of the theories into practice.

You will leave the course with lists of plants, how to grow them and how to combine them to best effect.


  • The Winter Garden
  • Introduction to Garden Design
  • Horticulture RHS Level 2